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Archives » Ship to Vehicle Sensor Sharing Pt. 2
Bambl Cata
Bambl Cata
So in the previous thread it was said that there needs to be an active PC inside the cockpit of an entity in order to share sensors.

For some reason my YT-510 is sharing sensors with me; it's not the leader of the ship squadron and unmanned. The YT-2000 which is the leader of the squad isn't sharing.



Entities in a party/squadron share skills so while the leader does not have high sensors a member of the party does, so everyone can see what they see.

That never made sense to me because every other than Perception the party member with the lowest skill determines the party skill level, like with Speed and Stealth.

The vision rules state: "Ships or vehicles that you have set to be NPC piloted will also share sensors with you." Which means ships/vehicles in your squadron.

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Bambl Cata
Bambl Cata
Must be a bug, partied ships sharing sensors when no one is manning the leader ship.

I think you are encountering a bug #4324


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Just clarifying ... we 'used' to be able to set ships/vehicles to 'npc pilot' in the inventory area. That seems to be gone. Right?

Is then the function of sharing sensors with ships/vehicles on the ground only available to the entity having a PC assigned as pilot in the cockpit?



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