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Archives » How much XP is earned by NPC Patrolling?
How much NPC XP is earned by making NPC squads patrol endlessly?

E.g. how much per day is earned.

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Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
Should be about 130, I think.

Takes at least 12-14 months to hit level 10, starting from level 2-3, without assigning Speed. Hard to be more precise with the random stops, and depending on the route traveled, but that's been my observation over the past years. I name my squads with the patrol start date so it's pretty easy to track. Squad "November 2016" is currently partway through level 8.

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To add onto what Syn said, my current squads (all started at lvl3) should be hitting lvl 4 today/tomorrow and it has taken around 34 days. With stops they seem to average around 85-90xp/day.

edit: at speed 0

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