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Year 7 Day 164 10:32
it is cuz i did nto join a faction i love my skills i just want to start again and join a faction before i choose a start location


Year 7 Day 164 10:33
Not going to happen, just a faction and then have them pick you up.



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Year 7 Day 164 10:40
if you like your skills what is it then about?
starting location does not matter at all.
Afterall, there are ships which people can travel around with and pick up other people with.


Year 7 Day 164 11:44
oh well the guide sead that i should nto have picced a starting location before i tryed to join a faction


Year 7 Day 164 12:02
It makes things easier for you and the faction, but it's certainly not necessary to wait.


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Year 7 Day 165 11:48
Any decent faction will have no trouble picking you up, regardless of your location. ^_^ There is definitely no need to undergo a three-week wait before creating a new character, especially if you are happy with your skills.



Year 7 Day 165 12:07
Most factions will also be able to pick you up before the 3 weeks, so it's less time to wait for them than to wait to recreate.


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Year 7 Day 166 4:53
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Zen Savo
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Year 7 Day 195 19:34
Vacier Ban-Zealourum
Vacier Ban-Zealourum
Please do not bring back old posts. Also this board is OOC (out of character) what faction you belong to has no barring here. And please do not comment unnecessary to post that do not deal with you, unless you are trying to help.

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