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Archives » Darkness owned Escape Pods
Year 18 Day 353 9:41
Lucian Vax
Lucian Vax
I found a bunch of darkness owned escape pods in our factions system. They are labeled giveaway. I was wandering what these were for?

Edited By: Lucian Vax on Year 18 Day 354 12:17
Year 18 Day 354 17:19
Probably a previous contest that was never scheduled or completed.

Year 18 Day 354 17:23
Lucian Vax
Lucian Vax
Oh. Is there anyway one could get them?

Year 18 Day 355 7:58
It could also be from a historical time when people would send crap to Darkness. They should either go to the NPC market for sale, or be deleted, IMO.

Year 18 Day 357 9:09
Anything Darkness-owned (less planets) would go to the NPC market unless it's broken or otherwise needs to be held by the Administration.

Year 18 Day 357 17:57
They were spawned for a project/giveaway a few years ago that was in the planning stages before we went to a different plan.