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Year 18 Day 355 3:12
Curious as to what HTML Tags are disabled for posts in the main Forums and versus those in Darkness Message (Or if any exist)

So is there a more elaborate Table for HTML?

Haven't messed with Tags in a long time, but I'm having difficulty figuring which Tags work and don't (Well not difficulty just don't want to do a Trail and Error for each and every Tag I want to use)


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Year 18 Day 355 3:27
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Year 18 Day 355 7:45
All tags supported by the forums are also supported by dm. There's only one or two tags that aren't listed. Specifically, the table, tr, th and td tags aren't listed but are supported. However, you need to take care when making tables for dms or posts. Any new lines between the actual table tags will get converted to br which causes browsers to render the table incorrectly.

Pretty much any tag that can be used for xss or abuse is stripped. That includes css tags, script tags, div tags, etc. Lots of tags.

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Year 18 Day 355 13:51
Thank you!


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