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Year 18 Day 356 14:39
What is the direct definition of this? And give an example please.


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Year 18 Day 356 14:41
Jic Uiji
Jic Uiji
You want to keep your stuff when you die, you send it to your buddy, your buddy sends it back. Bam, asset laundered.


Jic Uiji

Love one another, treat all with respect.
Year 18 Day 358 13:58
Ahh ok. Falls under the no inherence rule.


Looking for donations for Give freelancers the Galaxy fund.
Year 18 Day 359 9:28
No inheritance, yeah. It's primarily as simple as Jic noted. The Rule of Thumb i've heard often is just make sure your new character pays market value for everything they get, both in terms of credits, and Work exchanged for value. I'd generally also extend it to Faction-based asset benefits, so we don't just let our new characters magically get access to more faction assets than any other new-joiner, just because of what your previous character did. It just gets more egregious if someone, for example, Loots a faction, dump the assets into a friend's faction, drop character, and then make a new one that benefits from the assets sent to ZC/Dread. I could also see issues with a new character "looting" a non-arms-length faction to get around obvious inheritance rules.

If you have specific concerns (or specific plans which a reasonable person would be concerned might breach the Rules), you can always go to IRC #swc-help to ask the ASIMS for some quick clarification if they're around. Hard rules limitations are never really going to be put on the Forums, because so much of it is on a case by case basis.

Year 19 Day 26 11:00
Lucian Vax
Lucian Vax
What about items you sent to a character that get sent to a faction you now own?

Year 19 Day 26 20:18
The key is to not take them or otherwise use them as nonfaction assets.

Year 19 Day 26 20:31
Lucian Vax
Lucian Vax
Got it. Thank you Jevon.