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Year 7 Day 164 12:43
Joshua Starkiller
Joshua Starkiller
Ok a while back I joined ComBank and was picked up by a ship. Then my computer (old one) started to have problems. When I finally got back online with a new computer, which took a very long time, I was kicked oout of ComBank and still on the ship I borded. Now getting kicked out of ComBank is not the problem. The problem is I got of the ship and now I'm here:

Sector: Dolomar
System: Phorliss (70, 150)
Planet: Phorliss (12, 4)
City: Atenzia (3, 5)
Ground Position: (3, 4)

Now that too is not the problem. The true problem is that the map say I'm at the above location. But the picture in the right hand corner says I'm in the passanger section of the ship I was origanly on. Not only that but Because of that I cant move. And I don't show up on the map. So what do I do.

Year 7 Day 164 13:09
Bryce Armadala
Bryce Armadala
This is more of a question for an admin. You might have better luck posting in the "Questions for Admin" forum.

Year 7 Day 164 14:45
Joshua Starkiller
Joshua Starkiller
Oh, ok. Thanks.