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Year 18 Day 358 23:22
Quick question. Is the rules range on the Nexu correct? Or is there something wrong with Nexu? Can they leap or something?

I just attacked a squad of Nexu at range 5 immediately after refreshing the scanner button. In the battle report, the Nexu are suddenly at range 1 and half my squad is dead.

I'm just trying to figure out how that happened.


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Year 18 Day 359 1:21
Sounds like either the refresh didn't go through, or there were multiple squads on the map and you attacked the closer one mistakenly. Haven't encountered this otherwise.



Year 18 Day 359 11:12
I suppose its possible I didn't refresh properly. Though, I'm like 75% sure that's not the case.

Might be worth having someone glance at the movement algorithms anyway. I have full scout coverage on the map I'm hunting and I've noticed all the squads seem to be flitting around a bit.

Could be my imagination, but if someone has time, it might be worth a quick look to make sure nothing is wrong.


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Year 18 Day 362 16:46
Bambl Cata
Bambl Cata
I had a weird one on Serroco a few weeks ago, wish I'd screenshotted but as they say; hindsight is the most exact science.

Basically I move into a new area and there are 2 Acklays at about 0,20. I think "sweet, I'll go to the opposite side and there's no way they'll come for me" (out of perception range etc.). I find some bandits towards the north east of the map and start attacking and about 5 mins into my second delay they pop up towards the west south west of me with a north east travel indicator. Once they reach my y co-ordinate their movement indicator changes to east, directly for me, which was a little confusing since I have no idea how they can see me (range 10) unless there's some sort of tracking system in place. I'm hitting the scanners quite often at this point as you can imagine, hoping the delay will be over and I can get in my vehicle before they get in range (I've got a few low level faction owned troops ~70hp in my party), then at about range 6-7 they just disappear from the map?

I wanted to see if they were still in the map area or just purely disappeared, and I find them sitting stationary at their original position (or near enough that I assume it was their original position since I didn't log any of the events). For whatever reason they just teleported back to their start point, I genuinely thought some admin was playing games, if that's even possible.

Year 18 Day 362 16:55
Bandits don't care about silly things like vision.


Jic Uiji

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Year 18 Day 362 18:51
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
Creatures have been known to teleport. Has happened to me a few times. Usually, they are moving, and I am moving also in a ship/vehicle, and when I stop and walk out, creatures teleport back to their starting point, like they’re attached to rubber band that suddenly yanks them back. This only on Derra/Serroco though.

Year 18 Day 362 19:21
My mobile browser once refreshed an attack page from when I sniped range 10 at some creaturea. The refresh randomly chose a sarlaac one coordinate away from me and I lost an outfitted level 10 Nikto riflemen from a page refresh.


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Year 18 Day 362 20:20
If you can take some annotated screenshots of this happening it would be helpful.

If it does happen, take a screenshot, and then open a new window and take another screenshot and look to see if there are any differences. Also note the exact CGT date and time of occurrence.


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Year 18 Day 363 8:24
I've been noticing this with some frequency. For instance, I just refreshed my scanner page, had 4 Reeks at Range 15, took a single shot at a bandit squad, returned to scanner, and the Reeks are now at Range 18.

Year 18 Day 363 12:14
Screenshot it with CGT