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Year 7 Day 164 14:46
Joshua Starkiller
Joshua Starkiller
Ok a while back I joined ComBank and was picked up by a ship. Then my computer (old one) started to have problems. When I finally got back online with a new computer, which took a very long time, I was kicked oout of ComBank and still on the ship I borded. Now getting kicked out of ComBank is not the problem. The problem is I got of the ship and now I'm here:

Sector: Dolomar
System: Phorliss (70, 150)
Planet: Phorliss (12, 4)
City: Atenzia (3, 5)
Ground Position: (3, 4)

Now that too is not the problem. The true problem is that the map say I'm at the above location. But the picture in the right hand corner says I'm in the passanger section of the ship I was origanly on. Not only that but Because of that I cant move. And I don't show up on the map. So what do I do.

Year 7 Day 164 15:33
Contact ComBank and ask them nicely if you can be dropped off at the closest planet.



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Year 7 Day 164 15:58

how do u create an account

Year 7 Day 164 16:08

theres a button when you go to the web site that say join click it

Year 7 Day 164 16:22
Joshua Starkiller
Joshua Starkiller
Ok, maybe I didn't state the problem right. The map shows me in a city at the above quardnince but it also says I'm still on the ship. But above all else I CANT MOVE.

Year 7 Day 164 18:49
Bryce Armadala
Bryce Armadala
Guest, start your own post instead of posting in someone elses.

Year 7 Day 174 22:10

Year 7 Day 174 22:13

i need i cannot contact any sim masters.

this is Chad Minnises. my bro is Sev Mitchell

I got banned for having another account. My bro started his name and
stuff and got the password a long time ago. he never started so i never
signed up for muti accounts. mainly because since he works, i thought he
wouold never get on and create it. well he did yesterday and then i got
on to report that we are sharing the same computer. i could not find it
anywhere then i went to sim news and i saw we were both banned. i got
banned in less then 3 minutes. i didn't even have a chance to email it
to you. well there wasn;t anything i could do right then and there
accept he gave me is email, i sent him 3 emiles telling him this was a mixup
and i was trying to join us. I have no need for a second account, i am
busy enough with one. anyway he won't respond or listen to me at all. I
have a very good reason. ohand also he sent a bunch of appilcations to
different factions he sent one to sorosuub regards to me, and SSM, and
star signs. he wanted to get like i had going around and
picking people up. well i told him to ask on comments if he could have
some kind of a YT since they are fast. next thing i know we are banned.
also its not my fault that he tried to join another faction. anyway
maybe you guys could message him for me, maybe he will listen to you. I
want to get back on SWC but i can;t unles he unbannes me

please respond, and please have mercy for my mistake in not
registering him sooner. if in the case only one of us can be unbanned. that will
be me, seeing how he will hardly ever be on.

Year 7 Day 174 22:14

PS: i have been trying to contact you for since before the ban

Year 7 Day 175 1:19
Start your own damn thread, Chad. And the "it's my brother" excuse is one that has been used for a long time by many people in many different situations. You'll need more than just that to have even a remote chance to overturn your ban.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 7 Day 175 15:06
Kyle is currently offline due to computer problems, but rest assured that your 10 or so identical e-mails were received and he will handle it when he returns in what should be no more than a few days.

I am closing this thread since the original question was answered. Anyone with a question should open their own threads so we can keep track of your questions more easily.