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Year 19 Day 4 17:20
I am having trouble equipping npc's for some reason...

fitout is correct, tag is assigned, suitable armour and weapons in same location... but they simply wont pick up?

any ideas please?


Year 19 Day 7 8:56
The devil is in the details. Please explicitly set out everything you did, what the fitouts are, what the tags are, what your assign-state is for the NPCs in question, what equipment is physically there, whether it's crated or not, how you selected the NPCs on the party screen, what option you chose for them.

Year 19 Day 7 9:37
You can also manually pick up items into npcs if you don't want to deal with fitouts.

Go to NPC control
Click on an NPC handle
You now are on a screen that will pick up items into the NPC, select the item then select the item slot to get the NPC to pick up items.
The NPC will need to be at your location, and items will need to be at same location.

Edited By: Clarr Solo on Year 19 Day 7 9:38
Year 19 Day 7 16:05
thank you both. I will use the individual fitout but would also like to resolve this issue as it is annoying! never come across it before.

so as best as I can describe.

1 assigned npc's to tag A
2 created simple fitout -
head - flak helmet
body - battle armour
primary - t 21 light repeating rifle.
3 unpacked items from crates
4 npc's and items in same room along with other npc's and items.
5 selected the 12 npc's
6 selected "pickup only"
7 selected process
8 two random items picked up by two separate npc's, one took a helmet, the other armour.

nothing else, no error message nothing.

would it matter that I got crates from npc market? do they glitch if used perhaps?


Year 19 Day 7 16:56
Source of the crates should be fine as long as they are in the same room as your NPCs.

You don't need to decrate items, NPCs can pickup items out of cargo containers.

I am unsure why it isn't working for you, when I tested it just then it worked ok for me.

Make sure when you click on the NPC fitout icon (top right of the NPC box) it shows the "desired fitout" that contains all the items you specified in the fitout.

Year 19 Day 8 12:43
I have not had problems before, always found equipping npc's pretty straight forward.

the reason I took the items out of the crate is that on this occasion when I initially left them in, I got an error message stating that I could not use items owned by the npc market, or along those lines....

yet the crate was in my name as I had purchased the items a few days prior.

That is why I am wondering if it has glitched on those items and perhaps the makeover was not complete in some way.

that information might have helped to begin with, sorry!!