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Archives » Construction bugged or my brain bugged?
Ok short and sweet....and thank you for taking time to view this. ....

Ok, trying to build a mine. I have a lot of experience in construction (which apparently means nothing right now, lol). I'm in a mining faction, RMs are mine, permission to construct, have assign DC privs just for good measure, city foundation is Rock terrain. Click star build and get this messag:

'An error occurred: You are not allowed to build this facility, either because your faction does not have the datacard, or the terrain prevents you."

What is (or possibly what am I doing) wrong? Thanks.

(Oh and when I said I have assign privs I meant that I have can assign datacards checked under production on the privs page. I DO NOT can assign datacards checked closer to the top in the inventory section of the privs page. Could this be the issue?)

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It is common that in the final moments are when beings show you who they really are.
Faction construction doesn't need assign datacard privs, it needs "Can Construct Facilities" and possibly "Assign RMs" if you're going to be using faction RMs.

Unsure about that specific error you're getting/why, unless it's just a standard fallback.

Yes i also have Can Construct Facilities. And also Assign RM (even though i own RM). Not he second page of the construction process it shows I have the needed amount of RM for the facility. RM does not seem to be the problem at this time.


It is common that in the final moments are when beings show you who they really are.
Are you 100% certain you're attempting to build on rock and you're not accidentally attempting to build a large structure in a cave? They're fairly similar tiles, just caves are darker than rock.

As well, is the city hidden? The error you're getting sounds more like the facility can't be physically built, not that you lack permissions.

Ban Rishchakh
Ban Rishchakh
You can build mines anywhere i think. Well, did you put a slab... Duh :-)


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Yes sure it's rock.
Yes it is slabbed and actually the final structure to complete the city.

Believe me, I appreciate all this input. Thank you all so much. Any other suggestions or investigation will be appreciated.


It is common that in the final moments are when beings show you who they really are.
Can we get a screenshot of the city? Might be able to deduct something from that

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Make sure you are setting the faction as owner and not yourself on the first screen.

Screenshot...errr not my city, can't get permission for that. However:
Yes Rock
In mining faction with proper privs
Builders with me
Permissions granted

And Mr. Solo, naming the faction as owner doesn't even get me to the second page. I get this instead:

"An error occurred: You do not have permission to build that here."

When I know I do have permission. But that was a good idea. I wouldn't have even thought of that.

Grrrrrrr.........thanks everyone. Still open and grateful for any input.


It is common that in the final moments are when beings show you who they really are.
You can't build faction specific facilities without faction as owner.
You will need to issue and have granted a build permission for faction as owner.

Understood, hence my problem.
I have all permissions to build/assign/use everything I need. Faction authorized permission. I must look like a fraking idiot right bow but that doesnt change the fact that i still need it done. So I have enough self worth to look the fool as long as the job gets done.


It is common that in the final moments are when beings show you who they really are.
Demij, I think you're misunderstanding. Based off of what you've said, neither you nor your faction owns the city you're building in. You've had build permissions approved for yourself, but not for your FACTION. You need to submit a build permissions request for your faction in this case, not for yourself.

^ This would be my guess also. Do you or your faction own the city and did you request the build permissions?