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Year 19 Day 27 17:26
Jay Ortega
Jay Ortega
Is there a way to date an ID to see what year the ship came from? I’ve got one with 15xxx and I’m interested in seeing exactly how old it is. I was wondering if there’s a way for anyone to check. The DOM comes up blank.


Year 19 Day 27 18:01
As far as I know, there is no list that has been keeping track of when ID's are assigned. Looking at the number though I'd assume its very old if its a 5 digit number starting with a 1 since a fairly new ship I produced has an ID just under 500,000. I'd guess 9-14 years old?

Year 19 Day 27 19:06
Oldest one we own is 157xxx and was made Y10, I would wager a 5 digit starting with a 1 would have probably been “made” before production was even released.

Year 19 Day 28 1:21
Dating came after ID# 106702 but before ID# 121670 (DOM: Y8D294)

Year 19 Day 28 1:31
I have a ship that's ID #15249. It was created during the first round of production, under the old implementation, in Year 3. Your ship was produced in Year 3.

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Year 19 Day 32 20:09
Jay Ortega
Jay Ortega
ID #15756! Ya got me beat!


Year 19 Day 32 23:47
Exanthium Kerensky
Exanthium Kerensky
Oldest ship I have has an ID# 134411 (DOM: Y9D232)



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Year 19 Day 33 4:41
I have an YT-510 with ID# 13052, there is no DOM date on it do. That is the low id i have on inventory, there are a few above that who also don't have DOM info.

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Year 19 Day 33 15:59
Cait Catra
Cait Catra
Oldest I have is #87

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Year 19 Day 33 16:03
I have a 25XX vehicle, anyone able to shed light in the vehicles department?


Jic Uiji

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Year 19 Day 33 17:03
ID #15756! Ya got me beat! 

I was just aiming for the closest ID that I knew the production date on to help the OP. I have some with two-digits if this is turning into a dick measuring contest!

I have a 25XX vehicle, anyone able to shed light in the vehicles department? 

I can't be quite as specific on this, but I have a very close ID (#2485) on a T-16 that I picked up in 2003. I don't think I bought it immediately after it was produced, but that does date it back to that first production run as well, so I'd guess Y3-4. I don't recall exactly how long that production ran before it was taken offline and rewritten.

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Year 19 Day 38 22:38
Jorn Stones
Jorn Stones
I got three DX-9's. ID# 436, ID# 437, ID# 438. Guess those were all produced under this mythical old production system.

Oldest ship with a dom I have though..
ID# 114214
DOM: Y8D47

Youngest ship without:
ID# 109395

Year 19 Day 38 23:18
Numbers that low were likely created at the game's start, Jorn.

Year 19 Day 38 23:44
All ships under #9000 (probably a fair amount higher actually but too lazy to check records) were definitely created with the start of SWC. Those drop ships were originally created for the Empire before any form of production had been implemented.

Edit: With regard to those specific drop ships, if you are curious about their history, back in 2001-2003 or so, the Navy had a squad of drop ships assigned to each fleet, and one squad assigned to the Army. Your drop ships were part of a group that were not assigned to any fleet or unit. They sat at Eriadu collecting dust for several years until they ended up at Coruscant to gather some more dust. I left the Empire after that and couldn't tell you where they ended up next, but my guess is there's a whole lot of dust involved.

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Year 19 Day 39 8:18
Jorn Stones
Jorn Stones
Typical, the squad I ended up receiving have a history consisting of only dust :/
I actually used them for a little while, but now they collect more dust in my hangar.

I was kinda curious about their history though, so thanks. Surprised you were able to dig up information about these 3 specific ones.

Year 19 Day 39 9:56
I did ship assignments for the Empire for those two years and can provide information on the whereabouts and assignments of all Imperial ships during that time. :) People who win old Imperial ships in raffles and games sometimes like to try to piece together the history of their ships.