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Year 19 Day 35 20:01
What are your thoughts on a Galactic Academy? I've been thinking about making a Galactic Academy where individuals from around the combine and come and go through courses, earn degrees, etc. Regardless of political ties everyone can come to the Academy to learn. I was thinking about combat courses, leadership courses, courses on lore (history), faction histories, courses on getting started in the combine as well as learning to program with LISP (still learning-ish that myself) and more. Anyone could sign up to create a course, of course there would be check and balances to become an instructor.

I want to gauge peoples interest on the subject.

So..what do you guys think?


Marcinius Turelles
Year 19 Day 36 5:43
Its been done before with more or less success. First, you'll need to have a faction to make sure its better organized. You need to make sure you recruit people as soon as they log in for the first time, otherwise they will just go dirtectly to different factions (training factions will likely not be people's first choice).

Would also be good to contract with a manufacturing faction to get people starter ships, small hyper capable fighters that get delivered to your training planet.

Year 19 Day 36 10:08
An academy is a good idea. It's been done a few times, and seems to be difficult. There was an interesting discussion about this before. It doesn't need to be a faction since it would work fine as an NFG.

Mecrotica has Phu Sector University, which seems to be semi-active. Rennek Cor periodically runs The Scholars Guild as an NFG. Bren Morgarr used to own an information faction called Royal University of Naboo and it even sold shares.

Year 19 Day 38 5:33
I didn't think about a training faction though that could be a possibility. I was thinking more along just a place where anyone could come to take classes or host classes. Hell, maybe even allow faction to host there own Academies there if they didn't want to do the forum based university that I have found in most factions.


Marcinius Turelles