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Year 19 Day 41 15:11
I've seen games with a larger scale and with fewer developers working on them than SWCombine, and they get finished in, at a maximum, five years (if they keep working on it). What gives?

I don't mean to be mean about it, but still. I'm a new player (joined in late October of 2017) and I plan on sticking around, but it's a bit of a bummer knowing that things imperative to having an authentic Star Wars simulator like combat could take more than a decade to finish.


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Year 19 Day 41 15:18
Those games are for-profit with a paid, full-time development team.

SWC has and always will be free, and is operated strictly by volunteers who work on the game in their spare time. We've gone through quite a few developers over our two decades and it's a thankless job because the players are always wanting more. For instance, there was no form of combat (other than arrest & execute) when I joined and now we have working betas for both ground and space combat.


Year 19 Day 41 18:58
Mhm. I bitch and whinge and moan as much as the next guy, but the simple fact is we have considerably more to work with now than we ever have in the past - the most notable example being the combat that Tomas mentioned.

Considering the nightmare that is past coding, that's an achievement in and of itself.

Year 19 Day 42 15:51
Feel free to play one of those games instead?