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Year 19 Day 43 2:33
Maha Michi
Maha Michi
When a Custom NPC is spawned, is the level they receive randomized? I've seen Custom NPCs level 1, 2, and 3. What are the different levels they can have (as the CP page says they can't perform regular NPC tasks - thus no xp)?


Year 19 Day 43 4:09
When you spawn a custom NPC it will always be level 1. They can't be used for NPC specific type of work like building, construction or recycling, but you can use them for hunting or set them for patrol, they will gain normal XP, but their usage will be affected by absence of proper skill points that are important for hunting (projectile weapons skill, dexterity, etc).
If you level them up, you can upgrade these skills with received points.

Edited By: Ontares Phirr on Year 19 Day 43 4:16

Year 19 Day 44 16:25
Custom NPCs don't get skill points when they level up. They get a few skill points at spawn that are unassigned, but after that point, they should never get skill points again.

If I remember correctly, the level rules here apply to custom NPCs. That is they have a random chance of spawning at either level 2 or 3.

Edit: Apparently they do get SP at level up! Very interesting, I thought that had been removed a long time ago to prevent them from being abused for hunting/combat!

Edited By: Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss on Year 19 Day 44 17:02
Year 19 Day 44 16:45
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
They get skill points normally, and yeah, spawn from lvl 1-3.

Year 19 Day 45 11:52
IIRC the balance to limit them to 3 per week spawning was why they were allowed to continue being used in combat.