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Year 19 Day 44 22:38
What is a Lost Soul?
what can be done with it?
what's interesting about it?
Cons/Pros of Lost Soul?
How can you acquire Lost Soul?

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Year 19 Day 45 0:26
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Jay Ortega
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Year 19 Day 45 0:29
No, that is incorrect. If you are killed you leave a corpse. From a corpse you can acquire a trophy ear of the character that can be used as IC means to prove death.

A lost soul is what a character turns into when a player drops their character via the character screen. If they drop their character they wait out the respawn timer and can create a new character.

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Year 19 Day 45 0:29
Raidan Spike
Raidan Spike
This is incorrect. Lost souls are players who have dropped their character, leaving the NPC body behind. Players who are killed leave corpse behind which vanishes after a few weeks.

EDIT: Okay, you win Clarr.

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Year 19 Day 45 5:24
and how can I distinguish NPC --- Lost Soul --- Player that don't play and didn't drop his character. does their names will change, they will behave differently? for example I visit some abandoned station, I see character in there. what should I look for to say "Yes, this is a Lost Soul"

am I able to put him in my squad? enslave him?

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Year 19 Day 45 5:31
Fun fact, you can claim corpses and use them as proof instead!


Jic Uiji

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Year 19 Day 45 6:13
Lost souls show up as NPCs. Characters show up as characters.

Corpses are deleted after 3 weeks.

Year 19 Day 45 13:00
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
Lost souls are yellow on the scanner. They also say “Lost Soul”. If they don’t have an owner, they have a Claim button you can press to take ownership.

Year 19 Day 45 21:19
I thank all of you for your answers

Year 19 Day 56 18:38
As to what you can do with them, they can be used as regular NPCs, hold gear, be part of a squad, level up to level 10 (if they're not there or higher already), and so on.

What most buyers want with LSs is their role-play value. I currently have a number of LSs, some of whom had fascinating IC history and events attributed to them. Having control of their presence means I can RP their knowledge and experience to support my own IC experiences. Feel free to check out my Holocron, where I mention these characters and their current roles in my own small army of supporters and troopers.

I should also point out, as far as I know, a corpse will decay in 30 days. So yes, as Jic mentioned, you can claim the corpse, but it won't stay around forever.