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Archives » Problems with undocking from ship to start prospecting.
Hi Everyone
I am docked in a Action V Transport,i have room travelled to the ships hanger and boarded a SX 65 Groundhog when boarded have room travelled to the groundhog cockpit. In the groundhog vehicle screen at top r/hand it shows i am in a squadron (1+11) of prospecting vehicles of which i am assigned as both Commander and pilot, also on clicking the squadron tab it states i am already in a squadron all ok ,however i should be getting a travel button showing on screen which when clicked i should get an Undock button then, when on planets surface press action button to start prospecting. the only button on screen relevant is an action button ,which when pressed says prospect but i am still onboard the ship,i cannot undock.
In the last two days i have managed to prospect two " squares on different planets,but have had numerous problems getting undocked (including constant re-logging and un-assigning and re assigning my self to the groundhogs ,not sure if this a "glitch " or an intermediate bug ,any advice would be much appreciated,

Edited By: Atlan Egrin on Year 19 Day 47 9:03
Are you sure you are in the lead Groundhog that did the squading? Only the lead Groundhog will have a travel option.

Also make sure the terrain you are trying to undock into is not restricted for Groundhog. For example gas giant, jungle, cave, swamp or ocean.

Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
You need to be in the lead groundhog, ie. the other one. It will have a travel button. Or you can press Squadron to break out of the squadron and then add the other groundhog, making your current hog the leader.

Thanks guys just pulled myself from the facepalm position,only excuse (a feeble one at that) is that i have not done prospecting in a few years ,Many many thanks to you all,it is MUCH appreciated.