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Year 19 Day 65 0:53
Hello! I would really appreciate if you could clarify something for me.
Is having two characters or two accounts bannable? I'm asking 'cause i've made another acc without knowing that having mutiple accs is against the rules (though i didn't create a toon on it yet).
If it is against the rules is there any way to somehow delete my other account?

Aw and while we're at it, could someone please tell me why is the respawn time for a character so long? 21 hours, right?

Thanks a bunch!

Year 19 Day 65 1:06
Yoko Arashi
Yoko Arashi
It's bannable to have two accounts, yes. But best you open a support ticket and detail everything there.

And the death timer you mean is 21 days which is done to avoid that people drop over and over again just because they weren't fs if I recall correctly

Year 19 Day 65 1:36
Jic Uiji
Jic Uiji
If you don't appear malicious and self report, open a support ticket and explain it. The asims probaby nwon't ban you and will just remove the multi.


Jic Uiji

Love one another, treat all with respect.
Year 19 Day 65 2:55
All right, thanks a lot for straightening that up for me! I'll do what you advised.