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Year 19 Day 74 7:15
Hi, I'd like to use and share this bookmarklet I made.
It runs on the Ship Controls panel, and basically will remember the areas previously scanned and remember the contacts. It does not automatically do so, manual input is still required to record the data, it just simplifies the task.

It parses the displayed content from the display (the map, and the galactic position), and makes an GET request to obtain the XML file containing all sensor data. No other requests are made.

This link shows the minified version. Use it to test the code.

This link shows a cleaner version. If possible, please do look through it, there should not be any malicious content.

I'd hate to trouble you, but I'd like your approval to use and share this bookmarklet. If not, could this be somehow integrated into the existing system?

Thank you!

Year 19 Day 74 7:17
Oh, and as far as I know I've only tested it on empty systems - I've yet to actually try it on a populated system. My main intent on asking this is to receive a go-ahead.

Year 19 Day 74 23:11
Why not just download the scan XML?

A lot of people have already built offsite databases to import those XML files and create scan databases that can be searched, etc.

Year 19 Day 75 2:04
This just makes things more convenient. It auto-downloads the data and saves it in localStorage, while also recording the areas you've scanned.

A possible scenario is if you're searching a system for an immobile object, you may miss one or two squares. This helps prevent that. Also, repeatedly recording from a scan is quite inefficient.

It's a different intention. This is just a QOL bookmarklet