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Year 19 Day 75 6:06
Hello, I am new to swcombine. I am wanting to make my handle “Gand Agwo”, because of the Gand race description said this was normal. However, the system will not allow this name. It keeps saying that it won’t allow a name with “Sir” or “Lord”. Please advise. Thank you !

Year 19 Day 75 13:17
Unfortunately we don't allow you to be named "Gand ". You are welcome to RP that your name begins with Gand but your actual handle must not contain any titles.

Year 19 Day 75 16:11
That’s a bummer, but I completely understand! Thank you so much for your help!

Year 19 Day 76 10:24
Can "Gand" be used as the surname instead of the first name?

Year 19 Day 76 13:54
Nope, the race name cannot be used in the actual handle for the race.



Year 19 Day 76 17:55
Must be a glitch that there is currently a player called Gand Xitwa.

Year 19 Day 76 18:23
Why would it be a glitch? Many players have been around long enough that their handles violate rules created since. We don't require them to change their handles when a rule is created after they already had it approved; that wouldn't be fair to them.



Year 19 Day 76 20:47
must be a glitch that your handle is syn xdxd

Year 19 Day 76 20:59
It's a newer handle, not an old one...

Year 19 Day 76 21:53
He's a High Ambassador of the New Republic, I don't think they're that desperate for new people

this was an automated rejection sounds like, so obviously someone added it to the titles list at some point. arguably if it made it through someone could accept it, it's not stand-out egregious, but if it's an automated denial then there's not much to argue about

did you have a point to being here or did you just feel like bitching about something

Year 19 Day 76 21:55
Gand Xitwa is only a couple years old as a character, if even that, I do believe. There are six characters with Gand as a first or last name, so it certainly seems odd that it would be added as a title apparently within just the last couple years.


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Year 19 Day 77 2:56
It was definitely added as a banned name more than a couple years ago. The name matching with the banned handles tool is a little shaky, though, so it's conceivable that a handle matching a banned field will eventually slip through, but at the end of the day it's still a forbidden handle. It's neither "odd" nor a "glitch" - it's a deliberate addition to prevent players from joining with a forbidden handle, among 49,768 other entries.

Edited By: Syn on Year 19 Day 77 2:57


Year 19 Day 77 7:14
The name matching with the banned handles tool is a little shaky

- Syn

Sounds like a bug that needs fixin'

Year 19 Day 77 21:47
Good luck then. Hasn't been resolved in over a decade, but it's not exactly high priority. It still catches some 99% of blocked names, and nobody outside of this thread seems to care about the few it doesn't.