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Year 19 Day 93 5:04

I submitted a handle for approval on Sunday (3 days ago), and have not heard back. The guide said roughly a half-day wait and to post here if it was taking longer.

Thanks for having a look!


Year 19 Day 93 9:00

Your account has to be reviewed by an administrator instead of just the normal join team members due to being flagged as a potential multi-account. This can happen for a variety of normal reasons, such as sharing an internet connection at school/home/work, etc.

We appreciate your patience.

Year 19 Day 93 10:10
No problem.

I had an account years ago but have no idea what the name was/is, what email was used or the password. I'd be happy to use it if the info can be retrieved.



Year 19 Day 93 13:17
Random question, but any idea how long before an Admin would be around to look at this?

Thanks again!

(Just eager to get rolling!)


Year 19 Day 93 16:56
You'll actually need your old account activated again since you cannot have more than one account. Post a support ticket at support.swcombine.com and an asim will be able to help you out. The information about your old account can be retrieved from your IP address or from the match for the handle you tried to apply with, so if your handle is still pending, include in the ticket which one it is.



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Year 19 Day 97 12:42
I just started joining and wanted to inform you most of my play time is in a home with two other players at their residence

Year 19 Day 97 21:12
Victor O`Cuinn
Victor O`Cuinn
You will need to register as a multi then as well as the other two players (which they should have already done if they havent yet).


Year 19 Day 114 6:17
I have this problem. I can not wait for approval handle. Please help.

Year 19 Day 114 7:51
There are no names in the queue and were no names in the queue when I went to bed ~8 hours ago so you've been waiting, so far, much less than the average time.

You'll need to be patient, and ensure you submit names that comply with the rules.