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Year 19 Day 112 11:27
Passenger is a character, they are pilot of the entity I want to kick them to but I get this message:

Outside this room is not suitable for the entity you are trying to kick

Was this feature changed for some reason?

Year 19 Day 112 12:13
I think you're running into a bug that's already been identified and fixed for the next sync when trying to kick a passenger.

Year 19 Day 112 12:17
Feature isn't changed. There's two "kick passenger" features.

The first, which you're thinking of, is where you can Kick a Passenger off a ship that you have pilot to AND is currently full of passengers. This will allow said random passenger to end up on an adjacent ship you have access to - usually the location you come from. It's SOLE purpose is to let you get access to a ship that you could not otherwise get access to unless an occupant voluntarily de-boards.

The SECOND is the "Kick Passenger" button available in the Cockpit. This is for the purpose of getting rid of occupants that you don't necessarily have the ability to arrest (e.g. Droids/Creatures, but really it's intended for all passengers). It does *not* allow you to kick to any adjacent entity, it will ONLY let you kick to the outside container, so you have to be either docked IN a bigger entity (Station, ship) or you have to be on a planet. This is an intended limitation, AFAIK, but it does introduce the inability to kick Droids off a Station or a ship that can't land. So maybe there's something that changes this in the pipeline.

Edited By: Kay Dallben on Year 19 Day 112 12:17
Year 19 Day 112 12:33
Just to be safe can you file a bug report with as many details as possible?

Year 19 Day 112 22:00