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Year 19 Day 113 14:06
How is it determined?

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Year 19 Day 113 14:16
Exanthium Kerensky
Exanthium Kerensky
I normally determine the length of the party by the amount of booze being consumed every hour ..



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Year 19 Day 113 17:25
I don't even know what you're attempting to ask. Party length?


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Year 19 Day 113 17:34
Party size? Slot size? For most fighters it's 1, for most big caps it's 12, and everything in between is based on an attempt it be as balanced as possible given our current rules/stats.

Year 19 Day 114 7:53
Sorry, tired. I meant Party Slot for ships. The reason I ask is because I noticed that all corvettes are 12.00 except the Consular-class Cruiser (4.00) and Shield Ship (6.00). Just curious as to why.

Year 19 Day 114 16:22
The shield ship was because of the RP reasons of what it was used for in Canon, the consular likely so it could have a fighter escort? But I'm unsure on that one.