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Year 19 Day 113 18:02
Sylvin Macflint
Sylvin Macflint
Does it really serve a purpose; what is it's value?

Year 19 Day 114 4:47
Ryll items are less effective than bacta items. If crated with their bacta equivalents, they'll contaminate all of the bacta items and turn them into Ryll items as well. Ryll items used to deal damage long ago, but that was removed at some point.

So essentially it could be used to sabotage a medical faction's bacta items without anyone knowing, though all you'd be doing is making their supply less potent.

Edited By: Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss on Year 19 Day 114 4:49
Year 19 Day 114 5:27
Not potent at all.

Ryll does no damage and does not heal at all.

Year 19 Day 106, 11:07 You have failed to heal Vilne Beto by using a counterfeit Death Stick.

Happens every time.

Year 19 Day 114 10:50
It's good that ryll keeps getting changed from how it used to function. First they took away damage, now they take away healing D: what even is this world anymore!

Year 19 Day 114 12:32
That's why so many turn to alcoholism, cause they can't get properly high! :(


Year 19 Day 114 16:49
Sylvin Macflint
Sylvin Macflint
Very interesting, I too thought it once had some healing properties in the counterfeit form, but I guess it's just the placebo effect.
Thanks for the info...

Year 19 Day 118 14:56
We want to get high!


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