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Archives » Rare Vs. Unavailable Ships?
Year 19 Day 117 17:10
Jaxik Seko
Jaxik Seko
Has it been disclosed what is happening with the old tech that is currently unproducable(most of which is prior CP exchange tech) but does not fall under the "rare" identifier?
Ive been going through the rules pages lately and there is a fair bit of it that sometimes makes sense and sometimes doesn't. A few examples such as the IRD, Sith Starfighter, S250 Chela, Horizon SY, Herald, Trimark, Scrg Bomber, Adz Destroyer, Foray, and many many more I don't even wanna go into to include the Darkstar...
My biggest question is why some get the rare tag and some don't and some have found their way back into the galaxy through production and being released as a DC. The hope obviously is that the Das eventually get released and it would only make sense to have a bit more diversity in the game atm...but why do they go 3 different ways after being dropped from the CP exchange?

Year 19 Day 117 17:20
Anything that is not producible is labeled as rare on the rule pages.

Generic datacards exist as a token thrown to everyone who doesn't own their own unique datacards. A couple years ago, a datacard draft was planned to redistribute the majority of datacards among all existing factions, reducing the level of restricted datacards in the game. Instead, the major datacard holders threw a big enough fit that it was canceled, leading to generic datacards for older ships that were mostly former CP ships.

RE: The Darkstar - that is the unique capital ship of Black Sun, just as the Pulsar Battle Cruiser is Hapes' and the Supremacy/Farwind belongs to Eidola. A single copy of each of those ships exists.


Year 19 Day 117 21:39
Jaxik Seko
Jaxik Seko
And I'm tracking all of that except they don't say rare under affiliations and the unique tag got removed. Was just curious why unique was done away with when ships like the Sith Infiltrator and the Darkstar and Fairwind are still obviously considered unique but they fall under the same category as the Sith straighter. it seems like a loose end I guess...

Year 19 Day 118 15:10
Anything that can’t be produced is labeled rare. Unique implies that only one exists and would ever exist when that isn’t necessarily the case; it also provides a bit of IC information we probably shouldn’t be giving out. Rare conveys that they are unable to be produced, they may or may not be one of a kind, and maybe someone could build them in the future if they ever become generic or whatever.

Year 19 Day 118 22:02
Jaxik Seko
Jaxik Seko
So does that mean essentially that the ships with tags saying no affiliations all fall under the rare/unique category? I guess thats my question. At some point the unique tag went away and that made it a bit foggy...obviously I figured the dark star, infiltrator, fair wind, and pulsar fall under that but I'm just curious why ships like the Sith fighter and IRD and the rest didn't get the rare tag. are we gonna get another wave of generic DCs again?

Year 19 Day 118 22:37
Anything with no affiliation set means no faction has the datacard for it, so yeah, same thing as rare. It definitely does not mean that entity will become a generic DC - there are currently no plans to convert any other rares to generics in the near future. As for the inconsistency, I assume it just isn't an automatic process to flag unaffiliated entities as rare, but they do mean the same thing.



Year 19 Day 118 22:42
Jaxik Seko
Jaxik Seko
Gotcha. Thanks all for the chat. Gave me what I was looking for.