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Archives » What can be recycled where?
Year 19 Day 119 2:18
Hey there,

I just would like to have some clarification on what can be recycled in which entity.

From what I heard, right now there's no way to recycle items at all. Is that correct?

Next Thing I heard is that Recycling plant facilities are only there to recycle vehicles. Is that true as well?

It would be great if someone could answer what can be done where for Recycling stations, Recycling plants, wreckers and EVS.

Thank you!

Year 19 Day 120 15:10
Jaxik Seko
Jaxik Seko
As far as I know the only limitation is that you can’t recycle items. The advantage a static facility has over non static is storage space and the ability to que multiple items so you don’t physically have to be there to start a new job ever time. Droids, vehicles, ships, doesn’t matter. I haven’t used the ground facility however so I can’t confirm that however consider storage space as well.