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Archives » Is Worker Pod a Cargo Container
Year 19 Day 120 6:58
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
After reading through the rules I saw this:

4/ Aborting Construction
The Builder, or someone with higher privileges, may abort construction of a station at any time, from any location. When aborting there is the option to return unused materials to a ship at the location of the station, only one may be selected. If the materials exceed the Weight/Volume Capacity of the ship the materials that did not fit will be lost. After construction abort has finished the NPCs will appear in a pod, named 'Construction Worker Pod', at the location the station previously occupied or onboard the ship that materials were loaded on to.

- Station Construction Rules Page

Is that pod a permanent entity like the cargo containers that get created during ship and station recycling?


Year 19 Day 120 7:13
When a friend aborted construction on a station the workers were put in an escape pod. She still has it so they appear to be permanent.

Edited By: Angus Vandal on Year 19 Day 120 7:15


Year 19 Day 121 3:37
It becomes a modified escape pod with permanent stats change reflecting the amount of workers that are placed inside upon creation.

You start with 25 builders and abort construction, you'll wind up with a pod that can always hold 25.