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Archives » Cybernetic RMC - Bug or feature?
Year 19 Day 129 14:43

So a cybernetic implant was just finished by one of my faction members. Prior to the operation I was discussing the prices with the patient, and we both came to very different numbers based on two different calculators (one by Ellias, one by myself).

Turns out my equation was wrong by one simple fact: I was using the "Per Unit Value" from the rules page, while the game seems to be using the "Batch Value" to calculate costs. It seems pretty unreasonable to me to charge the price of a full batch, to a character that is only getting 1/7 of that batch (in the case of Cyborg Units for example).

My question is: Was it intended for the system to use the Batch Value, or should it be using the Per Unit Value but isn't working properly?

Thanks in advance!


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Year 19 Day 129 15:51
Lamy Homo
Lamy Homo
I don't think it's possible to build a single item. You should have received a batch of 7 items.

How you charge things is not a bug or feature but something you decide

Edit: Actually, you may be talking about the cost to install implants. If so, ignore me.

Edited By: Lamy Homo on Year 19 Day 129 16:03

Lamy Homo
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
This is a good question. Operation cost would be reduced considerably.

Year 19 Day 133 18:53
Aldasec Mathai
Aldasec Mathai
I wonder if it was changed to make it harder to afford with credit inflation?

AFAIK there was no change once Cybernetics were implemented. In the intervening time there was a little discussion about RMP and batchsizes, including an attempt by some portion of the Dev teams to declare the RMP as a per-item basis (thereby trying to increase it to Batchsize X RMP for production, etc.). That was abandoned for reasons, but the end result was more or less an agreement that the RMP was for the Batch.

As part of that discussion was the drastic net effect on Medical items (which would have inflated those prices ludicrously due to the darkness value of Bacta. e.g. Bacta Patches, with a batchsize of 50 would have become 50 times more expensive.), my recollection was that Cybernetics, also discussed at the time, wouldn't have been affected by the change because it already used the inflated calculation, and that was intended.

I think the price of Cybernetics is reasonable at its current High Expense, but regardless, it is definitely intended to be so.

I think Kay's right; regardless of whether the batch size being used was intended at the time or not it has been effective at limiting the supply of cybernetics installed and there's no intent to change it now.

Thanks for explaining, Kay and Mikel. I guess that sounds reasonable.


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