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Year 19 Day 143 5:34
Hi guys,

So earlier today I submitted a custom image for a Cloakshape /h fighter which was rejected due to a "nonblack background". I've checked the image and it certainly appears black, in fact its the default one with the colour of the ship changed slightly. So I was wondering if it could be reviewed again or if you could tell me what process you used to determine the blackness of the background so I can check images before uploading them and wasting CP´s.




Year 19 Day 143 5:47
Raidan Spike
Raidan Spike
See this post in the art forum for a tool that automatically inspects for non-black backgrounds, more commonly called dirty pixels around here. Note that the tool also has functionality to automatically remove the dirty pixels for you now!



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Year 19 Day 143 5:52
I already checked for Dirty Pixels using a guide on these forums, all as clean as a whistle. Well unless something happened in the uploading process?


Year 19 Day 143 5:59
Odds are you either don't know what a black background means in this scenario (it needs to be the blackest black possible in an image basically), somewhere along the line in your uploading process it got unblacked, or whoever denied it just messed up and clicked the wrong button (it happens occasionally). If you want further clarification, DM/PM me a link to the image you were trying to submit and I can look it over. Also, check the small as well as the large. Sometimes just one is deniable but both get denied due to how the custom system works.

Also, when images are denied you get the CPs back. Rejoice, for the art gods are merciful.

Edited By: Jic Uiji on Year 19 Day 143 6:00

Jic Uiji

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Year 19 Day 143 6:10

use this. Your image's background showed up as bright green, ergo not black.

Year 19 Day 143 6:13
Yay for refunds! DM sent <3


Year 19 Day 143 6:39
As future reference, if you used any of the guides that involve using gimp, photoshop, krita, etc, there's a high chance that you're going to see inaccurate results. These methods for checking are now strongly discouraged. Use the link Jevon provided (which hopefully one day soon will be moved into combine's code so that it's more easily accessible). It checks the actual color values for each pixel. If the color isn't black in the output, the color isn't black in the image.

Year 19 Day 143 9:48
Yeah I was using the GIMP guide I found on here, but have since been pointed elsewhere.