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Year 19 Day 176 12:16
Ethan Stellar
Ethan Stellar
My sister wants to join this game. is there anything I can do to allow us to both play
this game? I don't want to break any rules. want to make sure if it's ok with you or not. we can go our own separate ways in the star wars universe.

Thanks Ethan.

Year 19 Day 176 17:20
From the rules page:


Remember to never log into each others account.

Others may go into more detail.


Year 19 Day 177 10:14
Pretty sure you just register as a multi account via the setting page and add the handle of those you share an internet connection with.

It might take a little longer for your sister's handle to be accepted if she shows as sharing the connection but plenty of family and friends share a connection and as long as they are legal multis it shouldn't be an issue


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Year 19 Day 177 11:44
Ethan Stellar
Ethan Stellar
Maybe she should not join. she played before she helped
my faction. the account got banned. is it ok if she joins again? this time without helping me or getting involved?
because they said I shared assets and was being a multi? probably because she helped my faction and we talked in real life. can she have another chance?

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Year 19 Day 177 11:56
You need to file a support ticket at http://support.swcombine.com to straighten out any multi questions regarding your "sister".

Year 19 Day 177 12:08
Ethan Stellar
Ethan Stellar
You see we at the time where working together. I had a different account because i could not get my password to my old one. and it had been a while since i played swc.
I started playing it was like over half a year later I got banned because I had a previous account and should have realized maybe they could help me get my old one back. I got unbanned and my sister was not. I was able to get into my old email and recover my old swc account once i was unbanned. why was my sister banned?
can she not come back? maybe they think i was cheating swc and using hers?

Year 19 Day 177 12:10
Ethan Stellar
Ethan Stellar
should i send a support ticket anyway and see what i can do? Will it not do much?
Maybe I should just forget it.

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Year 19 Day 180 10:33
Victor O`Cuinn
Victor O`Cuinn
To get her unbanned you will need to file a support ticket. If it was just a normal ban and time has passed then it shouldnt be an issue.

If you both have your own accounts and no one is an illegal multi then sharing items and ships etc is fine. However if you start using each others account for any reason and get caught then you will be punished.

The best way not to get banned is to not break the rules. SO file the support ticket and have fun enjoying a game with your sister.


Year 19 Day 195 18:10
Ethan Stellar
Ethan Stellar
How do I send a support ticket? I entered my name Ethan Stellar my email and sent a ticket. nothing happened. I got no notification in my email. Also I had a few tickets using a previous email. am I only supposed to have 1 ticket? my last ticket was a long time ago.

Year 19 Day 196 18:02
The system will send you an email when someone responds. It doesn't send one when you submit a ticket.

Year 19 Day 196 21:36
Ethan Stellar
Ethan Stellar
So then I sent three tickets already. the same questions.

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Year 19 Day 196 21:59
Year 19 Day 197 11:51
Victor O`Cuinn
Victor O`Cuinn
Remember Ethan this game is over seen by volunteers and can sometimes take admins and such a few days. However please know it will be seen and addressed. Just please have patience.


Year 19 Day 204 22:49
Ethan Stellar
Ethan Stellar
Since the ticket page is updated and different since I last used it. It has a signup page. do I need to sign up for the ticket to send properly? I am not using my previous email to send the ticket.