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Year 19 Day 194 21:21
Deakon Jarvis
Deakon Jarvis
Im curious to how they are going to be used to repair ships/vehicles and how they are loaded on ships to transport or use

I bought a ship that tractor beams (first time using) and it did not have a docking bay to pick the killed ships in asteroid field. It does not store it as materials as I thought, but clicking cargo then overview as "docked ships". Transferring it to a ship with docking bay it ends up under cargo as ship and in overview as part of all docked ship.
Wouldn't wrecks count as material that has not yet been divided into type (recycled) and to cargo hold like the ship without docking bay (or with hangar bay for vehicles) and not clutter docking bay/hangar bay for ships/vehicles that can work.

Any idea how repair can work in docking bay or I have to wait till developed to fix damaged hulls that I do not want to destroy in testing combat?
Also like to see rules update on wrecks/debris

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Year 19 Day 195 9:46
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
You recycle them to get mats, and then you can use those mats for repair if you wish.

Year 19 Day 195 13:23
Wrecks are currently coded to behave as the entity type they're wrecked from, so if you want to load them up whole then they will go into the room matching their entity type.

They're not used for repair at all, other than what Lexor said re: recycling for mats. We don't have the concept of using spare parts.