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Year 7 Day 170 13:43
i was reported for theif b/c i wasn't on for one day. this was all b/c hes new and he doesn't know WTF hes doing. so he doesn't get the stock withing 24 hours (yes i sent the stocks) that isn't that big of a deal. but all i wanted to know is can i do anything to counter-act this problem. b/c right now i don't think its looking to good for me and trading :(


Year 7 Day 170 13:55
event list

1 Year 7 Day 169, 13:11 You gave 10 of Cerberus Corporation to Vlaad-dar Vad`raa.
2 Year 7 Day 169, 13:10 You gave 10 of Nova Industries to Vlaad-dar Vad`raa.
3 Year 7 Day 169, 13:09 You gave 20 of Riviera Medical to Vlaad-dar Vad`raa.
4 Year 7 Day 167, 18:29 You have received 19,000 credits from Acting Sub-Lieutenant Vlaad-dar Vad`raa with the following message:
This is for the 20 Riviera, 10 Nova and 10 Cerberus stocks. Please send them ASAP.

o, and i hope this isn't going to be another problem but i'll be out for the weekend so....

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Year 7 Day 170 13:56
Your going have to deal with it incharacter. Talk with players you have already traded with and have them posted how good you are. Also talk with who keeps track of the thieves list.



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Year 7 Day 170 13:57
o.k. thanks