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Archives » Power generators now linking spontaneously?
It used to be that when you built a new city with four or five generators, they were just sitting there, with 30 units of power each.

Recently, though, I built several new cities with five generators each. When I returned to build the rest of the city after the generators were completed, they had spontaneously all linked up to one arbitrarily-chosen master generator, I'm guessing whichever one finished construction first.

This is a MAJOR unwanted nuisance and ineffficiency, as I now have to fly around the city and un-link all these generators before I can re-link them they way that is most efficient for completing construction of the city. Is there a way to TURN OFF this automatic linking of generators? Who thought this up, anyway? This is a big step backwards in my opinion.


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This is probably due to the recent change where PGs will now power everything in a city even if they finish last, which is actually a significant improvement since it no longer requires you to pause everything that will complete faster and remember to unpause it later if you want it to get powered or have to fly back there in person to power them manually.

Not sure whether PG linking can be handled more smoothly without losing that functionality, though. Hopefully Clarr can address this. The option to disable it seems like a reasonable compromise as well.



But why?

You never need to manage power manually if you have a net surplus. It will link it all for you and assign power automatically.

I fail to see a reason why you would put yourself through so much unnecessary work.

Presumably his issue is that the power generators do not pool power unless all linked together, unless that changed. Three unlinked generators with an excess energy of 2 each does not power a facility that requires 4, for example, despite there being 6 excess energy total. If they auto-pool now, disregard this.


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In my Experience they do pool all the power together but as Grath said i think the first one built become's the 'Main' Generator and maybe he, like me names the Generators and the one named as our main Power Generator is no longer the 'main'.
Possible more of a Admin annoyance, as if you may have to find which one finished first and re-name it to be the 'Main' one.

If you let it do its thing, it will pool all the power into one and that one will power your unpowered facilities. This matches what the rules say it does, and allows any city to be powered without any interaction with the power generators.

This is a damned nuisance for experienced builders. We have carefully designed cities to put power generators in protected positions, covered by Golan Lasers and so on. Different generators in different places are not all equally safe, and the objective is to have the most protected generator serve as the main one, with others linked to it. In the past, we carefully went through and made two passes to build cities--the first to build the generators and a few big facilities, that a second pass to finish the smaller stuff, link up the generators (in the OPTIMAL configuration) and power everything up.

This new system takes a lot of fine-tuned controls out of the hands of the builder, making it difficult to optimize construction design and process, a great example of the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" principle being violated yet again. I guess I can now build the generator that I want to be the main one first, but I have to leave a big enough gap before starting any others so that the randomizing element of contruction times won't accidentally finish a different one first. And in the case of shield cities, where somebody already built one power generator and one shield generator (usually out in some corner in an indefensible position) that generator is going to automatically get set as the main generator for the others, no matter what you do. Then we'll have to go back in and re-set everything to get the power grid centered in a properly-protected location. This was a really BAD "innovation" that penalizes builders with years of experience and very carefully-developed systems of city construction.



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Perhaps a better option than toggling on and off would be to allow the random linking to continue, but to be able to set a master pg from inventory? Would satisfy everyone, I believe.


Setting the master generator from inventory at the time of construction would be WONDERFUL! This would perhaps even solve the problem of a city with just the one power generator/shield generator set up first, IF that generator could be set to "off" for the master generator at the time of construction so it doesn't pre-empt a different one being selected later. But then the first one would have to somehow get linked to the new master....I think it was actually simpler (especially for the admin programmers!) when it was all manual before.. This certainly provided more flexibility to builders, not having to worry about what would happen automatically behind their backs (with a random element built in by building timers).


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Pretty sure the planetary power pools we were promised a while back would solve everything.


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Why not just have the first PG to be finished be the primary, so you just have to start building that one first? Allows you to not deactivate a great system with what I can assume already happens or is a simpler fix than an on/off switch.

Jevon, that is how it currently works.

That's exactly what I'll have to be doing from now on--build one generator, then wait a day or two, and then build the rest. There's enough random variation in build times for facilities of the same type that there's a good chance that the first facility of a type that you BUILD will not be the first one FINISHED unless you wait at least a day or so to start the next ones; not sure if even that will be guaranteed for generators, which take most of a week with one builder. That radomizer in the timer is a bitch.


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Or. you could just pause construction on the 'secondary' pgs until the ;primary' finishes. Pause/resume can be done remotely, so you don't even have to be in the same location.

Yes, pausing the other generators for a day or two should do it! Thanks to everybody who made these helpful suggestions. My lazy brain didn't want to cope with all this new stuff after the most recent changes, but with the pause trick, maybe this new way will actually be easier and still allow fine-tuning of the power situation. The problem of a pre-existing generator in shield cities will still be a pain, though, I guess.


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I have updated some of the power generator interface for next sync.


- You still can only manage power from the master generator or a planetary CCC.
- Previously other generators were not shown in this view unless you could link.
- When you are aboard a master generator, you have a button to set one of the linked generators as new master. This makes it less hassle to move a master.
- When you are aboard a master generator, it is clearer which generators are linked. In situations where there are two or more generator groups, hovering over the values will show you the name of which one is linked to what.
- For situations where multiple independent generators are supplying power to an individual facility, it is now shown with a (2x).
- You still have to go to another generator or a planetary CCC to unlink it or link it to a new generator or to create independent circuits.

I don't see any situation where multiple independent generators are required, when generators are destroyed, this is how the rules will work:
- If the generator was a master, a new master will be selected from any linked generators.
- If the new set of generators has insufficient power, power will be removed from facilities in ascending order of power usage (lowest usage depowered first).
- We may revise these rules before implementation, but these will likely be the basics.

These rules are not currently in effect, currently:
- if you destroy a linked generator it may not work if insufficient power.
- If you destroy a master it depowers everything and unlinks other generators.
- As there are very few methods of destroying facilities, this does not need to be addressed before other more pressing ceremonial matters.