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Year 19 Day 231 12:26
I have been trying to equip them for more than a day, I have looked at the game guide the other poats in the forums, it just wont work!! What should I do!?!?!!?

Year 19 Day 231 12:42
http://www.swcombine.com/members/npc/ try this


Jic Uiji

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Year 19 Day 231 13:45
thanks but the page 404 page not found.

Year 19 Day 231 13:58
Raidan Spike
Raidan Spike
For equipping multiple NPCs, have you tried following this guide?




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Year 19 Day 231 16:31
up looked at most of the forum posts should i report this as a bug??

Year 19 Day 231 16:44
I don't believe these features have any bugs at the moment that you should report.

The NPC Control link in your right hand menu is what Jic linked.
It doesn't 404.
This will allow you to manually pickup items with your NPCs.

Fitouts are used to mass assign items to large numbers of NPCs.
There are instructions here, and following the instructions definitely works.

Year 19 Day 232 4:38
Menu options have changed slightly since Year 12. The crucial thing is that the tag of the fitout needs to be exactly the same as the tag of the NPCs. To simplify the explanation, there are three steps:

First, create the desired template in the "NPC Control" menu. The name of the template automatically becomes the tag for the fitout. Drag the image of the item(s) to the image of the body.

Second, in your inventory, under "NPCs," select the desired NPCs. Assign them a tag with the exact same name as the tag of the fitout from step 1.

Third, you need to be in the same room as the fitout items and tagged NPCs. In your "Party" menu, select the tagged NPCs. After you've clicked on the white boxes to the right of their names, then on the "Actions" menu on the bottom of the page, select "Fitout: Pickup Only."

That should equip the tagged NPCs with the fitout items. If it doesn't, you need to specify which step didn't work.

Year 19 Day 232 11:35
Lamy Homo
Lamy Homo
To be frank, the NPC loadout screens are really poorly set up. It took me forever to figure out how to get them to work properly.


Lamy Homo
Year 19 Day 232 17:07
Thanks Frank.

Year 19 Day 232 19:21
That's why NPC Control was added! Makes it exactly like how you equip yourself. Super useful. Loadouts are too much of a hassle for me.

Year 19 Day 234 5:25
I would use npc control but it only says that theere are no npcs at my location and when I try to equip them nothing happens.

Year 19 Day 234 7:05
As I explained in step #3 of the instructions, you need to be in the same room as the fitout items and tagged NPCs. If the NPC Control says that the NPCs are not at the same location as you, then you're not in the right room. You can find the location of your NPCs in your NPC inventory. Then travel to their location.

Year 19 Day 235 17:07
Deleted Post
Deleted by Armis Mamon. Reason: becaus i didnt see the second page
Year 19 Day 235 17:11
yes but i doble cheked and I am at the same spot on the mape as them