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Archives » How to get the most out of this game?
Eon Grim
Eon Grim
I just created a character again after sunning in y12. I was wondering if anyone has any advice or tips to get the most out of this game. I want to own a moon or even a planet, but when I played before that goal was pretty much unattainable. Is the game still mostly the same? Is it harder now that there is less players than there was years ago?

Any help or info is appreciated, thanks! :)

It's a perfectly attainable goal, if you've got the cash. It's hard to say whether SWC is easy vs hard. Everyone is looking to get different things out of it.

Jic Uiji
Jic Uiji
Get involved in the community, that is why most of the member base is still around.


Jic Uiji

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Is the game still mostly the same? 

Yes, although a lot of quality of life changes have been made.

Is it harder now that there is less players than there was years ago? 

The economy is slower; however, I don't think the game is harder by any stretch. Take Jic's advice and get involved in the community--joining various discords is usually a good starting point. Factions, NFGs, racial groups, etc. are also good starting points.

Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
If you want your own planet the cheapest way is to look for them yourself but that's tedious and probably not the best way to make the most of the game. System searching as a team is better, just the addition of the interaction needed to coordinate your search already improves the game experience significantly.

Find a decent group to be a part of, SWC's core strength is its community/communities, chat with people, this isn't a great game for loners. A post in the Seeking Work forum would be a good start.


Honestly, SWC is pretty close to real life as far as upward mobility goes. It's going to take time and effort to be a rich magnate with planet ownership. And how our system works really doesn't allow for planet stealing etc currently, and people hoard them.

A much better goal in SWC is to find something you like doing and to be good at it. Found a group, kill bandits, sell loot, recycle wrecks, etc. Some great new features have been released and are in the pipeline. If you want to find me on Discord to talk about what you'd find enjoyable, or as a returning player what we might want to focus on adding, please do so.

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