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Archives » why remove mats from nearby ship
Ruuda Tloosn
Ruuda Tloosn
hello yall,

first of all, i was hauling materials in my bulk freighter. i needed this materials for another place. but i was stopping by 2 factories in a system. and i had to start production of these factories, considering that the mats were already provided inside the factories.

the thing is, the production removed materials from my bulk freighter instead of the mats located inside the factories, and it messed my plans. cause i need these mats for another place. now i need to come back to that system, and grab unused mats from the factory to remove the loss that i experienced.

how can we avoid this to happen again ? imagine if you haul precious materials and dont want the factories to use it, it would be complicated.


Year 19 Day 275 22:43
The way production pulls materials is:

- It find all materials at a certain layer or range (space = range 2, city = full city)
- It does some filtering for "can access" (this is crewlist/commander/privs/etc)
- It then orders the mats by those that are in the thing producing ("production leader") and then things that are outside the production leader

- Then, it takes the list of mats and runs through them in order removing units until it fulfills its requirements.
- So, if your ship had mats pulled from it, it is likely that there were not the required mats in the factory.

Every time I have tested this, it works this way, and never pulls mats from external entities if the necessary mats are present.


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Year 19 Day 276 13:59
Ruuda Tloosn
Ruuda Tloosn
thanks clarr for the clarification. it was probably my fault, its something ill look in the future to not miss

Edited By: Ruuda Tloosn on Year 19 Day 276 13:59
Most likely a factory without RMs in it pulled RMs from a bulk rather than another factory.

I've had that happen to me many times while producing.