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Year 19 Day 283 1:28
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
I looked through the SIMNews comments thread and couldn't find anyone mentioning this so I'll ask now.

If an old government faction has a few NATs with unique DCs and they decide that to save members they'll just leave 1 or 2 members in each NAT to keep it going what will happen to the faction's unique DCs?

Say NAT-A was a ship faction and has 2 unique DCs for small freighters, using the generic DC requirements as a guide, this should require a minimum of 4 members to retain those 2 unique DCs. Now if NAT-A was reshuffled to having only 1 or 2 members, would they lose those DCs?

Following on, if they did lose them would they be added to the generic pool?
If they don't lose them, is that not giving them an exploitable, unfair advantage?


Year 19 Day 283 6:25
Generic requirements don't apply to non-generic dcs. In exchange, non-generic DC holders also cannot purchase generic DC slots. This has been the case since the generic DC system was put in place. You either gave up the unique DCs that your faction owned in exchange for slots, or you kept the unique DCs your faction owned and are unable to purchase generic DC slots.

I don't see how this would give them an unfair advantage. If they sell products to the public that aren't the DCs themselves, removing members from the faction essentially decreases productivity if those members were actively contributing to the faction. Otherwise, if they weren't contributing to the faction, it's doing exactly what this sync is supposed to do: remove a stipulation that created a market for people to do nothing and still get paid for it.

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