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Year 7 Day 173 11:51
Narin Shilaar
Narin Shilaar
I am a new player and sa i read i have to choose a faction.
But there are so many of them that i forgot about 1st one when reading the 15th
Maybe someone expirenced could help me. Which factin suits melee fighter with trade and some fighter piloting abilities abities??

Year 7 Day 173 12:36
You should pick a faction based on what you want to do. From what you say, it seems you have a combat-geared character. Given that, you'd probably be best off with one of the paramilitary factions (like one of the mercenaries, or security groups) or in a government as part of their military.

Of course you need to remember that combat is not implemented yet, and could well be some way off. So you're going to be playing the part and running odd jobs/scanning patrols/whatever for a while.

Your other option, with Trade skills, is to see if there's a faction that needs someone for setting as an operator for facilities, because better Trade skill means they'll make more money off them. You could also use this as an interim until combat is ready.


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