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Year 7 Day 175 13:55
Greetings, I am Recarn Vorse Resonably new player. I am awaiting a pickup and recieved a message that I have been added to the crew listing (or something like that) of the ship I am getting picked up by, and when I scan it doesn't appear. I don't know how to enter it please help.


Not all who wander are lost- Recarn Vorse
Year 7 Day 175 14:07
Message the person who is supposed to pick you up. They should have sent you a message stating they have arrived at your position. Is it possible that you have been added to the crewlist but they haven't arrived yet? If they aren't there, stay put and don't move otherwise it makes it harder for them to find you. Usually a pick up person will land at your position to make it easier for the both of you.


Year 7 Day 175 14:36
You can be added to a crewlist simply by them putting your name in the box and clicking "add". It doesn't necessarily mean they are anywhere near you.

Daktal's advice of messaging whoever is supposed to be picking you up is the best one. If you moved, they might also have gone to your previous position, wherever you told them that was.


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Year 7 Day 175 15:19
Thanks I'm in the ship now! (:


Not all who wander are lost- Recarn Vorse