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Year 20 Day 3 22:03
I was wondering which methods others used to upload and share Combine-based excel files they have created?

Year 20 Day 3 22:07
Year 20 Day 5 5:21
Thank you for the answer. Unfortunately for me I am unable to make use of google docs.

Year 20 Day 5 5:28
Dropbox? OneDrive? Email? Discord file transfer?


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Year 20 Day 5 6:32
Thank you again. So e-mail it is, maybe I can find someone who is willing to copy the file to google docs so that everyone can access it without waiting for me.
To explain why I cannot use google docs it is that my security really dislikes how the certificates are handled on the download pages for google docs, onedrive and the like. Makes downloading these programs impossible.

Year 20 Day 5 6:52
You can run google docs entirely in the browser.


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Year 20 Day 5 7:03
Anything with "https://docs.google.com/" in the url gives an invalid certificate error. This is a recent development because I had no trouble with opening such pages before. I'll figure it out soon. Until then I will have to use email.