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Year 7 Day 178 15:34

I think that the movement times from orbit to atmosphere to city and vice versa are unrealistic. It doesn't take 2 hours (1+1) for a space shuttle to exit earth's atmosphere nowadays, let alone spaceships from the SW era.
Are these long times required for any balance thing? Does it serve gameplay in anyway?

I don't know if it's just me, but I would like to see this changed, if it isn't much of a programming problem.

That's all.


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Year 7 Day 178 16:29
The Combine is DELAYED real time. So yes, it's a form of balancing for interception. Turbolasers will take around 10 hours between shots. Get used to that sort of delay.

The only way the time will be changed it that it will INCREASE for those with slower ships/lower piloting skills, rather than decrease.


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Year 7 Day 178 16:34
Well, I understand the need for combat delay, but is this kind of travel delay necessary? Are they expecting chases or invasions or something?


Could you pass us the salt please?
Year 7 Day 178 17:06
This does not belong in the Problem Centre, since it is more of a game suggestion than something you are having trouble using (as such, closing this thread). However, it was implemented for a reason and it has been stated repeatedly in the past that the delay will not be removed - so I would imagine that it is indeed necessary.