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Year 6 Day 68 8:28
Andy Kag
Andy Kag
Why does every faction i join dont even send me a meesge or say i joined im appllied for Hapes wont let me join RA ive tried joining 10 times not even a messge Edioa 2 times wont let me in so im conculdeing this by saying why are all factions to hard to join and wont let me join em i doing something wrong?? please help me!!

Year 6 Day 68 14:07

The solution is... to be nice and smart.

Year 6 Day 68 15:43
A few things

-As leader of Eidola, I can explain that not only are we invite-only, but we actually haven't received any applications from you...which is likely because...
-If you submit an application to join a faction, I believe all your previous submissions to other factions are erased
-You'll usually be either accepted or declined as soon as the leader (Or somebody with the appropriate privs) logs into the Combine next. That might be a few hours, that could be a few days. You could try finding the leader's contact information and talking to them on ICQ or something as well.


Year 6 Day 68 19:33
Andy Kag
Andy Kag
OOPS SORRY I MENT ENIGAM not ediola srroy prate queen