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General Questions » can you secure items in an "open to all" facility? Add Reply
Is there a way of securely holding items in a facility that cannot be "stolen" by anyone with access to it?

Related to this, can a container, such as a Class-A container be set up so that anyone can put items in, but restrict who can take items out?

I am brewing an idea, but it wont work if the first is not possible, and will be much harder if the second is not!

Any advice welcomed!!


There is currently no way to Lock items in an open facility other than behind doors, which can be ELB'd. This assumes you're not talking about SCPs which cannot be undeployed without Commander +.

There are no settings for Load-Only. If you can Load, you can access. What *might* work is taking a Class-A Cargo Container (or whatever) and fill it up with passengers, then only allow Crewlist. I've not tested so I can't be sure, but might work. Crewlist-Only may not allow you to "Kick Passenger" to board something.

Slight proviso to this is RMs, which I'm pretty sure Clarr has a mind to introduce the ability to "load From" adjacent entities also.

dang it, that's a shame, wanted to look at opening up a museum but if the risk is that anything I place in there will get potentially stolen.... well, will keep thinking I guess!

Thank you for your help.


If you want to open this museum, then place the items in the room/rooms they are to be in and deploy them (if they are custom items that is). Doing this will remove the idea of someone just walking away with your display items.


Leland Thakkun

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Ah, that is worth playing with, thank you, will try it out.