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Year 20 Day 178 14:50
Raa`hse Nahk
Raa`hse Nahk
I have for several years now been registered to allow my (RL) wife play this game. Naturally living in the same house we share the one IP address so we have been registered as multi's since she joined the game.

Today I was looking through the settings on my account & discovered that I seem not to be registered as a multi at the moment & that is somewhat of a surprise. So I tried to use the contact us link & then the link which BTW seems to not be working? Might be my end not sure?

But anyway I need some assistance in restoring the status so my wife can again log in to this game using our home PC. Her handle is Ashantie Starsage.

We do not use more than one device on our home IP so at time it is possible we are online at the same time from the one address, modern technology after all.

Year 20 Day 178 15:53
Multi registration is actually done on your end now and no longer requires admin assistance. She just needs to log into her account, and then both of you will need to add each other in your Account Settings, in the textbox under Multi-Accounts Information, then hit the "Link" button. Once you have both done so, your accounts will be linked as multis.

Year 20 Day 178 16:12
Raa`hse Nahk
Raa`hse Nahk
Maybe I am just not seeing this but when I go to the accounts settings page I get this error message at the top of the page:

You are not allowed to have a multi account. Contact the admin if you feel this is in error.

There also appears to be no link to click on under the multi-accounts information for me? I do not know what my wife sees as she is not at home presently?

Year 20 Day 178 16:47
Having a previous multi ban prevents you from having multis in the future, Sorry.

Edit: I guess I saw this wrong, but you are already linked. So.. dont break rules and be good.

Edited By: Baugrems on Year 20 Day 178 16:54