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Year 20 Day 179 14:19
Vir Calder
Vir Calder
I'm a droid collector. I very recently bought a T3 droid from a someone with a shady history, and I'm about to get on my way to pick it up. I just noticed that the droid has been modified to have weight/volume capacity.

So my question is this -- Can anything be inside this droid to sabotage me? A tracker to track the location of this droid? A bomb that'll go off after this droid gets on my ship? Of course, none of those are actually listed in the rules... but could an arrangement be made between the seller and the sims/admins to have a special scenario to have something like that happen?

Or should I just take off my tin foil hat and enjoy this new droid in my growing collection?

Year 20 Day 179 14:32
No the droid can't but there is a reasonable chance that when you pick up the droid you'll get murdered by the seller.


Jic Uiji

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Year 20 Day 179 16:11
No such mechanism or arrangement (admins don't interfere with the game unless something breaks).

However, you can always be in for a surprise when you pick something up.

Year 20 Day 179 17:33
Vir Calder
Vir Calder
Thanks for the responses folks! The pick up location is a Darkness planet surface so I am safe in that respect.