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Year 20 Day 190 9:58
Do death sticks work? By that I mean will they take hit points off of people they are used on? Also, do they work like Bacta patches and be used during a fire delay?
Basically, I would like to know if I am on the same square as an enemy and we are in fire delay, can I hit them with a death stick? If it is possible, would I then be unable to move until the death stick delay is over? is the delay also 30 minutes?

Year 20 Day 190 10:44
You cannot use medical items on anything unless they are IFF Friendly towards you.

Edited By: Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 190 10:44
Year 20 Day 190 12:39
Hmmm. On Derra I brought down another player to 1 HP (he was not a friend) then slapped a Bacta Patch on him and it worked.

is that b/c it was Derra?

Year 20 Day 190 14:27
Situation with two adjacent hurt characters:

Character without friendly IFF does not show up:

After Zhao set's Mikel as friendly, Mikel can use healing items on Zhao, however (Zhao cannot heal Mikel):

Attacking automatically adds a IFF entry red for the person being attacked.


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