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There is most likely a spot in the Holocron for me to ask this, but... I am struggling in there so hope this is ok.

I am trying to work out how to build a page in the holocron.

got myself signed up, Syn sorted out my privs, I have worked out how to enter text into my "homepage" but simply cannot figure out how to add images!!

some help for the dunce would be very much appreciated!

(I may be missing something very obvious, but please bear in mind I am also mostly blind so it adds a level of difficulty!)


You lost 375 HP (99.73%) from Petting a Krayt Dragon.
The wikicode for this is: [[Image:filename.png]]

(or whatever file type you prefer)

Just put whatever filename you want to use. It'll show up as a red link on preview, click it, and it'll guide you through the image upload process. That might be the easiest way to do it.

Also, note that you can view the code on other pages on the wiki to see how specific things were done so that you can steal that coding and modify it to suit your needs. If you see someone using a template you want to use, for instance, you can just take it from their page instead of needing to locate and then browse the entire template listing.

Here is a perfectly fine place to ask. :)

Edited By: Syn on Year 20 Day 213 17:18
ah thanks! didn't have to click through though, I put the file name in and it just worked!

thank you!


You lost 375 HP (99.73%) from Petting a Krayt Dragon.
As a cheat when I was writing mine, I would look at other pages in the edit tab.

I learned how to set up headings, images, links.. All kinds of stuff that helped my holo look better. Those really slick holocrons have a wealth of info in the edit view.

Good luck!


cheers! I will be spending some time "spying" on other pages...

perhaps starting with yours lol... :P

get myself some knowledge!

thank you both for your help


You lost 375 HP (99.73%) from Petting a Krayt Dragon.