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Year 7 Day 182 12:46
Kash Novan
Kash Novan
hi im new here and need help im stuck on tatoiene and i dont know were to start also im looking for a good clan to join like the rebelion can any one help thx

Year 7 Day 182 13:54
Join a faction, they'll pick you up. And its generally a good idea to scan the forums before you post. Chances are, if you have a problem, someone else has also had it. there are a few posts right below this that cover the same thing. But basically, if you want off that planet you have to join a faction. They'll pick you up and assign you a ship.


Year 7 Day 182 15:43
Click the link that reads "THE GUIDE" at the top.

It has a First Week Guide, and many other helpful sections.


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Year 7 Day 183 0:13
You can go hunting for a good faction by looking in the appropriate Classifieds section or forum in the RPG Centre. Alternately you can visit the full listing of factions HERE and select the one that looks the most interesting to you.