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Year 7 Day 182 13:15
Hello, I was just wondering. I think I have the concept in my head for Brawling so tell me if I'm wrong please.

Ok you select to Brawl and you fight. But what do you fight to? The Death? Till you're Knocked out? What I don't know.

And Afterwards if you're injured how do you heal?

Please answer my questions I would like to get expeirience.


Not all who wander are lost- Recarn Vorse
Year 7 Day 182 13:48
I've never been in a fight so i don't know exactly how it works, but I don't think its to the death. I've never heard of a player being beaten to death. Healing occurs over time or through a medical facility, but I don't think that has been implemented yet. Just don't get into any fights for a month or so and see if you heal. :)


Year 7 Day 182 13:52
Kirit Hin`Kirl
Kirit Hin`Kirl
You fight until you beat the brawler, or your character reaches one health point.
Healing occurs naturally over time. You can also use a healer NPC (if you would have one, that is) who charge a small amount of credits to heal.

Year 7 Day 183 0:25
I got into one fight and ran away from him when I had about 2hp left. So it doesnt have to be till the death. I dont know if you get that option in any fight though.


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Year 7 Day 183 0:34
Yep, you always have the option to run away. But if you continue to fight, it will be until either you or the brawler reaches 1 HP, whichever happens first. At no point will either of you actually die. ^_^



Year 7 Day 183 12:36
I thank You all


Not all who wander are lost- Recarn Vorse