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Archives » I was logged in as Horthon Gorthy?
Kevin Chambers
Kevin Chambers
Something really strange happened.

I was logged in and clicked on my flashing "faction events" icon and then all of a sudden I was seeing Horthon Gorthy's events and not my own. I then clicked on inventory events and still saw his. When i saw the weird faction events of me building at some planet I hadn't heard of I clicked right away on inventory(which was also flashing) before I noticed it said logged in as Horthon.
I looked at my right hand menu bar and it was a weird mix of my and his information.
Logged in as him, His name, my pic, my faction, my hp/xp/level/cp, his credits/ships/vehicles/space stations/raw materials...

I hit log out, then logged back in and was still in as him. Logged out again, closed browser, opened new one, logged in and now it seems to be fine.

It was really weird, any ideas what caused it?

I sent him a message saying I started this topic.

omfg! Kevin's a hacker!


Seriously, that's a really, really strange bug and I hope it gets squashed pretty quick... Alot of sensitive data can be leaked out that way inadvertantly.


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Lexxa Sunnar
Lexxa Sunnar
same thing happened to me, same account...it had my ava and faction name, but his account..really weired.


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This happened to a number of people and has already been fixed by Horthon, so it should not happen again.



Kevin Chambers
Kevin Chambers
lol that's me alright :)

Good to hear Syn.

Eric Jackson
Eric Jackson
*grumbles darkly*